Shortening of the working week

In the last collective wage agreement, the parties agreed to shorten the working hours of VR members by 9 minutes a day for a full-time employee. These 9 minutes equate to 45 minutes a week, or 3 hours and 15 minutes a month, without any decrease in wages. The goal is to make the labour market more family friendly.

The implementation of the shortened working week is an agreement between VR members and employers at each workplace. Employers and employees must have reached an agreement on how to implement the reduction by 1 December.

If the employee and employers cannot reach an agreement on the implementation of the shortened work week, each working day will automatically be 9 minutes shorter from 1 January.

Key dates:
1 December 2019: The parties shall have agreed upon the implementation of the shortened working week.
1 January 2020: The shortened working week becomes effective:

Click here to see proposals for the implementation by shop assistants on the one hand and office workers on the other.