Sickness and children’s accidents

For the first six months at work by an employer, a parent may spend spend two days for each month worked to care for his/her sick children under the age of 13 years provided that no other care is available. After 6 months of work the right becomes 12 days for each 12-month period. The parent maintains its daytime wages as well as shift premiums or after-hours premiums (40%) where applicable.

If the child is sick for longer than the employee’s rights cover, resulting in loss of income, VR members can apply for benefits from the union’s Sick Pay fund on account of their children under the age of 18 years for up to 270 days (or 9 months) for every 12 months period. The amount is 80% of average wages for the last six months.

Benefits due to death and accidents of members’ children

The Sick Pay fund also provides benefits due to death and accidents of members’ children younger than 18 years of age.

Note that benefits are not paid if benefits are received from elsewhere due to statutory reliability insurance.

Amount of accident benefits  
Death benefits   400,000 kr.
Disability benefits due to an accident, 100% disability   3,693,321 kr.

How do I apply?

Sickness per diem payments must be applied for before the 21st day of each month for the payment to arrive on the 1st day of the following month.

Documents that must be delivered are an application along with medical certificate as well as a confirmation from the employer of wage payments having been discontinued.