Grants due to vocational courses and studies

Falling under vocational grants are:

  • Vocational courses
  • Vocational Internet courses or subscriptions to a website/content provider
  • General studies for credits
  • Language courses
  • Empowerment courses (that are not part of a treatment resource)
  • Conferences connected to the applicant’s job
  • Management training/vocational coaching

See further details here (In Icelandic only)

Funding rules

A grant is provided for 90% of studies / vocational course fee / conference fee to the maximum of 130 thousand per year.
If neither a vocational grant nor a travel grant has been applied for to the vocational education fund for three years in a row, a grant for 90% of a course fee for maximum 390.000 IKR can be applied for, for one continuous education. The grant can only be applied for once. Payments to the fund must have been received for the minimum of 30 months of the last 36 months prior to the date of the application.

A joint grant for individuals and companies

A member of VR and the company he or she works for are given the opportunity to apply for a joint grant from the fund if the member´s study fee is 200.000 kr. or more. The right of the individual and the right of the company are then both exercised according to the rules of the funds.

The application must be accompanied by

  • A paid invoice in the name of the member where the studies/course description is stated as well as the name of the education provider.
  • Studies/course/conference which is attended overseas must also be accompanied by a description of the studies and a link to the website of the educator as well as an explanation of how the education relates to the applicant’s job.
  • It is a condition for the grant provision that the member pays the course fees/conference fees. When student union fees of a secondary school are paid along with a school fee, a cost itemization must accompany the application to the fund. Student union fees are not eligible for a grant and therefore deducted from the total amount.
  • An invoice must not be older than 12 months.
  • It is not possible to apply for a grant more than once because of the same invoice.

Apply for grant

On My Pages, you can view the balance of your funds and send in an electronic application.

What is the difference between SVS and SV?

VR is a member of two vocational education funds. Find on My Pages which fund you belong to by seeing whether you are being paid according the SA or FA wage agreements. Those who are paid according to SA wage agreements apply to SVS and those who are paid according to FA agreements apply to SV.
Most VR members have rights in SVS.