Per diem allowance and driving expenses

Travel expenses during travel overseas are paid by daily allowance which is determined by the Government Travelling Expenses Committee if not otherwise negotiated, e.g. payment of paid out expenses according to receipts. The same rules apply to domestic travel expenses.

Further information on driving expenses amounts and general information can be found on Ministry of Finance website.

Exchange rates

Here you will find the exchange rate of the Icelandic krona as listed on the website of the Central Bank of Iceland. See also more about the exchange rate of the krona against other currencies and on dates other than today.  


Permissible deduction against per diem and driving expenses, according to the tax assessment of the Directorate of Internal Revenue, is not necessarily the same amount as the Government Travelling Expenses Committee determines.

If a permissible deduction is lower, a withholding tax must be paid on the difference.