Minimum wages for a full-time position

Note: According to the VR collective wage agreement, the minimum wages for a full-time position after a certain time with the same company are higher than what is specified in the pay scales. 

The following are the minimum wages for a full-time position according to the VR and SA agreement: 
Minimum income for a full-time position, i.e. 167,94 hours worked per month (38.75 hours per week) are to be as follow for an employee who has reached the age of 18 and has worked for at least six months in the same company (minimum of, however, 900 hours):

1 April 2020
kr. 335.000

1 January 2021
kr. 351.000

1 January 2022
kr. 368.000

Every month, an extra compensation shall be paid on top of the wages of those employees who do not attain the above income. In this connection, wages mean any payments, including any type of bonus payments or allowances and extra pay that accrue within the period of the above working hours. The extra compensation paid to ensure minimum wage income is not reduced as the result of any contractual wag increase due to increased education for which the parties to the agreement are jointly responsible. Pay for overtime work carried out in excess of the 171.15 hours per month and payments to cover expenses paid are not included in this context.