What is your digital competence?

Here you can take a test that shows what your digital competence is and compare it with others in your profession.

VR invites you to take the test to provide you with the opportunity to strengthen your position on the labour market.

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VR Digital Competence Wheel

The digital competence wheel is a self-assessment test that will take you approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. Account is taken of the Danish database at the Center for digital dannelse as regards the solutions which stores the results of participants without any personal data. The test is based on a model for digital competence issued by the EU.

On completing the self-assessment test, the participant will receive an e-mail with his/her results which will appear in a radar chart showing the competence of the individual in 16 different fields of digital competence divided into four main aspects. In addition to the results, the participant will receive advice on the areas in which he/she can improve and suggestions as to how to do so.

The main aspects of digital competence are divided into security, information, communications and execution.

How am I doing in comparison to others in my profession?

The main goal of VR as regards the digital competence wheel is to provide members with the opportunity to map their own digital competence with the aim of possibly providing them with an idea of the aspects that are generally classified as digital competence.

With this knowledge, members can see where they are doing well and where they can make improvements to compare favourably with others in the same profession.

What is digital competence?

Digital competence relates first and foremost to being able to use the relevant knowledge and skills, and also to be ready to re-evaluate one’s own views and to be ready to try new technologies.

The use of digital competence covers various subjects and is used for various reasons, both at work and in private life, e.g. studies, to apply for work, shop on the Internet, obtain health information, participate in society, etc.

The strengthening of digital competence first and foremost promotes strengthening human resources and increases the employment and competitive abilities of each individual.

The Digital Competence Wheel

Det Digitale Kompetencehjul

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